Query regarding Grouping devices and users for login Access

ajay raut rautajays at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 1 13:22:51 CET 2007

  I am trying one test setup in my LAB on RADIUS. As i am new  to all the feature of Radius, I need one information on Radius feature urgently....So any information regarding this will be very helpful for  me.
  The Query is...
       assume a scenario..there is an organisation having centralized Radius server for shell login on all the WAN devices like routers and Switches.
      Organisation needs a configuration previlleges to be grouped regionwise means the devices which are local to a particular location the local adminstrator can configure it but they will not have any access previlleges to other devices..
 This should be done regionwise...
      Meaning of this we need to configure a RADIUS for grouping devices and users in a same group .
      Thanking u in advance for any inputs..
      Ajay Raut

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