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Bernd s4ndm4n at
Thu Dec 6 10:31:55 CET 2007

I think my problem is not with the XPextensions file. So it should be the
hotfix. I get 2 files. If I extract/install them, I see that one is the
hotfix and one is a directory called "symbols". I don't think that I can do
anything wrong with the installation of the hotfix part (just agreeing to
what it tells me shouldn't be so hard). So what does this "symbols"
directory do? And where should it be copied to?

I disabled "validate server certificate" on the client to test if it works
this way. And I get an Access-Accept from the Server. But my connection is
up for just a few seconds. What can I do to work around this? 



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Bernd wrote:
> Is there any further HOWTO or somebody who can give me detailed
> on how to get PEAP authentication done with a WinXP Client? I've installed
> the microsoft hotfix for SP2, but I don't see what to do with this
> xpextensions file. 

  See the Wiki and the comments in eap.conf in 1.1.7.

  The xpextensions issues are discussed there.

  Alan DeKok.
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