Fall-Through Syntax

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Dec 7 15:41:27 CET 2007

Reynolds, Walter wrote:
> In looking at the list and several examples from various places I
> noticed that Fall-Through = xxx has been listed in different ways.  I
> have seen "Yes" "yes" and "1"
> What are the options and where would I have been able to find the logic
> in the src so I could have looked myself?  Thanks.

Fall-Through is defined as a server-internal integer attribute. It's 
defined in the dictionaries (dictionary.freeradius.internal):

ATTRIBUTE       Fall-Through                            500     integer
VALUE   Fall-Through                    No                      0
VALUE   Fall-Through                    Yes                     1

The standard text->AVP parsing machinery therefore parses 
(case-insensitive I believe) "yes" -> 1 and "no" -> 0


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