freeradius compile problem

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Sat Dec 8 14:55:03 CET 2007

Dave Gibelli wrote:
> Alan
> I have OpenSSL installed, I thought that is where the crypto libraries
> come from?
> Where do I get the crypto libraries from?
> It would help if Freeradius supplied a reference to where to obtain
> these crypto libraries.

I disagree that the FreeRadius ./configure process should be handing out 
advice on how to setup the development environment on your system, but 

In your case, it seems that the configure process is looking in 
/usr/local/ssl/lib for libssl; and that the libssl in that location (a 
static rather than shared library?) needs some symbols (ERR_) from 
another, missing, library.

On my system, the ERR_ functions are in -lcrypto and -lssl is a dynamic 
library dependent on -lcrypto, so it all "just works".

Try building OpenSSL as shared libraries, or maybe muck around with 
LDFLAGS to add "-lcrypto" if you can't get that to work.

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