freeradius2 CVS - hostname lookup has no effect

Edvin Seferovic edvin.seferovic at
Mon Dec 10 09:04:25 CET 2007

>  Likely just an issue in -pre2.  I don't see it in CVS head.

Well I do. Just got the CVS version. Tried hostname_lookups = off / no ! No
help. Only when the client is being entered in the clients.conf it is
recognised. In the other hand I get 

Mon Dec 10 08:58:52 2007 : Error: Trying to look up name of unknown client 
Mon Dec 10 08:58:52 2007 : Auth: Login OK: [00:01:6c:a0:93:57] (from client
UNKNOWN-CLIENT port 23 cli 00-01-6c-a0-93-57)

How come the hostname_lookups has no effect at all ? I suppose it's not
working properly, since I can enter the value "off" ?

How come the only "known" clients are found in the clients.conf ? Does the
logging part even take a look at the virtual server configs?

Is clients.conf being read at "reload" ? I have to "restart" the server to
get the client back into the known list :(

Is it just me ? 



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