freeradius2 CVS - hostname lookup has no effect

Edvin Seferovic edvin.seferovic at
Mon Dec 10 22:06:21 CET 2007

>> Well I do. Just got the CVS version. Tried hostname_lookups = off / no !
>> help. Only when the client is being entered in the clients.conf it is
>> recognised. In the other hand I get 
>  Ok... the issue isn't related to hostname lookups.  The server keeps
>  "known" clients internally, which are global.  i.e. the "per-server"
>  lookups confused the code.
>  Try doing "cvs update".  It should be fixed.

It is now !

>  The clients aren't read on HUP.  See the debug output for what's read
>  on HUP.

Didn't know that. Thanks !

>  i.e. In CVS head, HUP *works*.  Nothing bad happens, and *some*
>  modules are reloaded.  Even though not everything is reloaded... what
>  *is* reloaded doesn't cause anything to crash.

Ain't crashing at all, so it is just fine !


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