powerfull manager?

Edvin Seferovic edvin.seferovic at kolp.at
Tue Dec 11 22:40:06 CET 2007

>I love GPL, but unfortunatelly there is too few software being developed
>for Radius...

That was my problem too !

>All I need is actually:
>- bandwith, time, volume limitation
>- username/password authentication
>- MAC authentication (but here is a trick - few MAC's for a one "billing"
>- card generator

Almost everything covered !

>And of course something that would allow me to print bills ;)

I have PDF generation :) 

> Do you know anything, that would do that? 
Not at the time of writing this. PhpMyPrePaid has some of interesting features.

>I suppose, that as your project is a Uni project, you can't make it as GPL?

Actually I am developing it for my company and my BS project is about data accounting and anomaly detection in systems that use RADIUS !

I'll let you know ! Anyone interested in supporting this project ?


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