RSA SecurID Authentication

Jeremy M. Guthrie jeremy.guthrie at
Wed Dec 12 18:08:03 CET 2007

The PAM module for RSA(ACE) does work except in one case:
-  an account in 'next token mode' or 'new pin mode' causes FreeRADIUS to spin 
out and swallow all of the memory on the host running it till it crashes.

I have not nailed down yet if it is PAM or FreeRADIUS but as example, OpenSSH 
has no issue dealing with either instance.  Not laying blame, I just do not 
know the root cause of the issue yet.

On Wednesday 12 December 2007, Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
> Hi,
> Just wondering if anyone on here had some experience with authenticating
> against a SecurID management server.
> I think the easiest way would be just to proxy to the RSA RADIUS Server
> (Funk),  but I see there are some PAM modules available from RSA.
> So if anyone been successful using either of these methods, FR Version
> and Method (PAM,Proxy) info would be greatly appreciated.
> Seems like something useful that could go into the wiki.
> Thanks,
> Arran


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