Example listed in huntgroup file does not work

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Thu Dec 13 13:23:07 CET 2007

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> >But I guess here is my problem.  How do you assign more than one NAS
> to
> >a huntgroup?
> >
> The way it is shown in the huntgroups file.
I did, but the user list is not being recognized by more than one.
How can I get that user list to be used for all NAS that are in that
huntgroup?  Or is this a bug?

> >But this uses SQL which we are not using and would prefer not to.
> >
> Use LDAP then. Or feel free to list (same) users for every huntgroup
> entry.

I should say that I do not want to use an external solution.  Creating a
huntgroup for each NAS with the exact same user list does work, but then
if I have to change a user I would then have to modify what could be
over 100 groups.

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