DEFAULT entry in users file and LDAP, again

Martin Pauly pauly at
Mon Dec 17 14:00:52 CET 2007

On Saturday 15 December 2007 08:38, Alan DeKok wrote:
>   No.  The problem is the WARNING message just before that.  You haven't
> told the server what the "known good" password is, so the server has NO
> WAY to authenticate the user.
I tested with radtest, as before. All of my real-world access-requests 
currently come to the NASes some sort of PAP: Either traditional PAP in 
PPP or PAP in EAP-TTLS. In either case, the RADIUS request contains a
password in clear text. The corresponding database is in the LDAP
server with the passwords stored as salted UNIX crypt (quite traditional). 
With my 1.0.5 freeradius, the sequence is pretty much straightforward:
1. Search for the user in LDAP using the given basedn and filter
   to obtain authorization information.
2. If all goes well (i.e. search result is unique and user is authorized),
   try another LDAP login as the newly found user-DN -- using the password
   from the Access-Request packet, of course.
3. If this succeeds, the password has implicitly been confirmed by the
   LDAP-Server --> send Access-Accept, otherwise --> send Access-Deny

So step 1 seems o.k., right? What then is missing to trigger step 2?

Thanks, Martin     

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