freeradius and active directory

Rutger Beyen sylvester_rutger at
Sat Dec 22 20:36:44 CET 2007

If I have to contact the AD with the ldap protocol for the vlan, why can't I
just use that way to verify the user's credentials?
The use Ntlm must be configured in radiusd.conf, but how and were do I
configure the ldap bind to get the users group and define the vlan?


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> Using  Ntlm_auth from the samba server is not an option. I 
> want to access the AD with the ldap protocol for 
> compatibility reasons.

You can't.

> Next, I want to place the logged on 
> user is a specific VLAN. So I have to retrieve the user's 
> vlan from the AD. Is there any way to configure freeradius to 
> do so?

Yes, see the docs.

> Can you please provide me with the necessary steps to accomplish this?



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