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Oguzhan Kayhan oguzhank at
Mon Dec 24 13:56:41 CET 2007

Hello all,
I am trying to figure out how to use rlm_perl module for authentication
Whats in my mind is to use my existing IMAP server to check if account
exists or not.
On the wiki page of rlm_perl i see an example script as :

# Function to handle accounting
sub accounting {
       # For debugging purposes only
#       &log_request_attributes;

       # You can call another subroutine from here

       return RLM_MODULE_OK;

Now.. what should be my return value for test_call subroutine to make it
work. I am planning to call an Imap module here and as a return value i
should return what?
Im not good at perl so, any tiny help will be appreciated.

I am planning to make smthing like this but i am really not sure if it
works or not:

sub imapLogin {
   my $host = shift;
   my $account = shift;
   my $password = shift;
   my $server = shift;

   # open a connection to the IMAP server
   if (! ($server = new Net::IMAP::Simple($host))) {
      return "cannot connect IMAP server";

   # login, if success return 1 (true?) and 0 (false?)
   if ($server->login( $account, $password )) {
      return RLM_MODULE_OK;
   } else {
      return RLM_MODULE_REJECT;

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