clients.conf and SQL?

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Morning Tuc,

On Dec 31, 2007 2:15 AM, Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET <ml at> wrote:

> Hi,
>        I can't seem to find any reference to making the
> contents of the clients.conf accessible via SQL. We are
> constantly making edits,

Have you thought about using a web application to manage your
radius database deployment?

There's dialupadmin that comes with freeradius and there's daloradius
which you can find at

> and having to constantly reload
> the server doesn't make sense.

Even with the NAS information in a database such as MySQL you'd
have to restart the server when you update the NAS entries.

       Pointers to where I missed putting it into
> MySQL, or if anyone knows how to would be appreciated.

First of populate your nas table with some nas information.
Edit sql.conf and uncomment the readclients=yes (should be present
in the bottom of the file).

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