Removing characters from usernames

Andrew Zirkel azirkel at
Thu Feb 1 18:33:21 CET 2007

I was thinking I could do something like this with a regular expression:
User-Name =~ tr/-//d
but I'm not sure where to do it and if it will work.  I'm using a  
mysql back end so I was thinking in the sql.conf file.
Has anyone done something like this before?


On Jan 31, 2007, at 4:05 PM, Andrew Zirkel wrote:

> Is there a way to parse the input of a username and password before  
> it is passed to the back end database?  I'm doing mac address  
> authentication and some devices are passing the mac address with  
> dashes, where I need to have no separation between the octets.  I  
> basically need to strip out these dashes from the input.
> Thanks
> Andy Zirkel
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