The EAP Saga continues.

Evan Vittitow evan at
Fri Feb 2 03:37:52 CET 2007

Let me re-phrase, as I think I'm not quite making sense.

openssl req -new -keyout kurama.pem -out kurama.pem -days 730
openssl x509 -in kurama.pem -out kurama.crt

openssl req -new -keyout altanis.pem -out altanis.pem -days 730
openssl x509 -in altanis.pem -out altanis.crt

openssl req -new -keyout serenity.pem -out serenity.pem -days 730
openssl x509 -in serenity.pem -out serenity.crt

Here are my three laptops, now as far as I know, based on my
understanding of how EAP works, as long as the laptops have these certs,
they should be able to authenticate users. the certs authenticate the nodes

Case #2

openssl req -new -keyout monkey.pem -out monkey.pem -days 2
openssl x509 -in monkey.pem -out monkey.crt

This is a temporary cert for an enemy unit I am allowing temporary guest
access to the network,  I'd like this person to use their MS-Chapv2

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