FreeRADIUS + OpenLDAP for accounting

Peter Micunek peter.micunek at
Sat Feb 3 08:10:29 CET 2007

Hello everyone,

I work for a mobile operator and we have a product (something like proxy)
which is able to do so-called "Header Enrichment".
A "mobile customer" who is connected over this proxy will have enriched his
http header with phone number (MSISDN).

A problem is that this proxy know IP address of customer instead of MSISDN
and unfortunately cannot use a RADIUS to
obtain the MSISDN from another source. This proxy is able to use only the
LDAP request with IP of customer and then
received the LDAP response from a external LDAP server which contain MSISDN

Our network node (GGSN) have info about IP and MSISDN and can send both over
RADIUS accounting.

So I have to design a Accounting FreeRADIUS server which will store the
RADIUS acconting with IP and MSISDN to OpenLDAP.
And this "external" OpenLDAP server will provide MSISDN to proxy for "Header

Is it appropriate to use FreeRADIUS with OpenLDAP or could you advise me how
to combine everything for best performance and design?

Peter Micunek
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