When EAP-AKA can be supported by FreeRADIUS?

Peter Nixon listuser at peternixon.net
Sat Feb 3 10:57:38 CET 2007

> Not only would FreeRADIUS have to support the required EAP methods,

Thats a given, and will happen as/when FreeRADIUS developers are interested, 
need it themselves, are sponsored by someone else who does, or an outsider 
donates the appropriate code.

> but new dictionary files would have to be defined to specify the WiMAX
> specific VSAs needed to fully enable a WiMAX device.

Dictionary files are easy. We encourage any vendors to send us updated 
dictionary files for any equipment (Not just WiMAX). Alternatively users of 
equipment that doesn't have appropriate dictionaries should do so.

> As the previous poster said, WiMAX is not fully defined from a RADIUS
> perspective at this point.



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