Usage of Cleartext-Password

Federico Giannici giannici at
Sat Feb 3 18:56:34 CET 2007

I have just upgraded from 1.1.2. to 1.1.4.
Now I tried to convert my custom authorization module to use the 
"Cleartext-Password" attribute instead of "User-Password" (my passwords 
are in clear-text).

I simply replaced the following command at the end of the authorization 
routine of my module:

pairadd( &request->config_items, pairmake("User-Password", password, 


pairadd( &request->config_items, pairmake("Cleartext-Password", 
password, T_OP_CMP_EQ) );

But the daemon started to give "Login incorrect" errors (with no other 
error description), so I had to revert the change.

What am I missing?


    |-                      giannici at
    |ederico Giannici

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