SQL help from someone who groks c, please?

Peter Nixon listuser at peternixon.net
Mon Feb 5 10:56:31 CET 2007

On Mon 05 Feb 2007 10:56, Phil Mayers wrote:
> Dan Mahoney, System Admin wrote:
> > I assume you mean the core SQL module, and nothing driver specific, yes?
> Yep. The relevant code is in rlm_sql.c so it's driver-independent.
> >> However, in the CVS version of FreeRadius, the SQL code works much more
> >> like you'd expect:
> >
> > Also, for the edification of anyone who might stumble on this, the CVS
> > code relevant to which version?  I.e. would this be a 2.x branch thing?
> Sorry my bad - should have been more precise. The code I am looking at
> is a checkout of HEAD. I'm not familiar with the dev/release plans for
> 2.0 - hopefully one of the devs will chip in here.

Hopefully soon! I am pushing Alan to release in the near future, and I think 
he is coming around :-)

I have been running CVS head in production for close to 6 months now and we 
have successfully closed all the bugs that have affected me (Zero memory 
leaks or crashes this month. Yay!).

I run rlm_sql_postgresql, rlm_acctlog, rlm_exec, radrelay, rlm_sqlippool and 
rlm_detail in a fairly complex, high volume setup including a number of 
proxy servers. I am still doing minor cleanups and feature additions on 
rlm_sqlippool but I have moved it to the stable modules list as it has 
proven itself (at least in my setup on postgresql).

Oh, I also us attribute filters pre and post proxy.. (They rock!)

I will be turning some attention onto rlm_python this week also as I want to 
put it into production on a couple of servers.


Peter Nixon
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