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Ashraf Al-Basti Ashraf.Albasti at
Mon Feb 5 11:38:12 CET 2007

i change the process as follow to replace the username with a one from a 
file but i have the following error,
attr_rewrite fixusername {
                attribute = User-Name
                # may be "packet", "reply", "proxy", "proxy_reply" or 
                searchin = proxy
                searchfor ="wanadoo"
                replacewith = %{exec:/bin/cat /var/www/html/user}
                ignore_case = no
                new_attribute = no
                max_matches = 10
        #       ## If set to yes then the replace string will be 
appended to the original string
#               append = no

radius_xlat:  'wanadoo'
WARNING: Attempt to use unknown xlat function, or non-existent attribute 
in string %{exec:/bin/cat}
radius_xlat:  ''
rlm_attr_rewrite: xlat on replace string failed.

Alan DeKok wrote:

>Ashraf Al-Basti wrote:
>>Thanks Alan......
>>But do have any idea to work around that?
>  See the FAQ.  If the NAS doesn't send data in an accounting packet, go
>read the NAS documentation to see how to configure it to send that
>  But send User-Password?  Nope.  It's impossible.
>  Alan DeKok.
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> - The blog
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