Major impact on authentication!

Dennis Skinner dskinner at
Mon Feb 5 19:24:45 CET 2007

Alan DeKok wrote:
>> As this is random, it's hard to debug, but at the same time freeradius
>> loses the connection, several other applications can successfully
>> connect/ maintain previous established connections to the databases.
>   FreeRADIUS is NOT losing its connection to the DB.  If you think
> that's happening, you will try to fix a problem that doesn't exist, and
> will NOT solve the real problem.
>> I've enabled all sorts of debug in the databases trying to better
>> understand why freeradius is doing this, but there was no luck.
>   Find out why the database isn't responding to FreeRADIUS.

I had similar issues at one time with MySQL and FreeRADIUS.  There is an
app out there for MySQL called Mytop which is basically like the unix
"top" command, but looks at MySQL processes.  This makes it very easy to
watch and see what processes are taking too long and holding up the rest.

I'm not sure if there is a similar app out there for postgresql, but
it'd be worth a look.

Dennis Skinner
Systems Administrator
BlueFrog Internet

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