diego at gigadata.it diego at gigadata.it
Tue Feb 6 11:02:47 CET 2007

I have a lot of problems with RADA authentication. When I start my tests
the NAS (a stack of 4 3com 4400 24 port switches in a network of 100
switches) sends access requests to 2 freeradius servers (primary and
secondary) asking for user authentication. All seems to work right (the
radius servers reply requests sending "Login OK" after checking if
username/password = MACaddress/MACaddress are in MySql database) but at
one moment, the NAS sends the Access-Request with username a3Com and
password a3Com. I added account a3Com/a3Com in database, and the radius
servers answer "Login OK: [a3Com]", but the NAS go down with a warning
that sounds like : "The RADIUS Authentication service is not responding".
What is the mistake? Freeradius? 3com 4400 Switch? MySql? Debian? Netwok? Me?

this is NAS request
rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host 10.10.0.x:2049, id=57, length=87
        User-Name = "a3Com"
        User-Password = "a3Com"
        NAS-Port-Type = Virtual
        NAS-IP-Address = 10.10.0.x
        Service-Type = Administrative-User
        Framed-MTU = 1024
        Message-Authenticator = 0xebe2ebda3372940ad56d932c10457ff8
Processing the authorize section of radiusd.conf

Diego Torto

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