dialup_admin and log_badlogins error

tzieleniewski tzieleniewski at o2.pl
Tue Feb 6 13:38:50 CET 2007


My first question is if the dialup_admin is still supported and compatible with latest free radius:)?
because right now I am trying to use it with my latest free radius cvs version.

If it is still compatible please help me with the following issues:
Is it possible to control the radcheck table through dialup_admin or it only used for accounting??
Another thing is that when I try to use log_badlogins I get the following error:  
./log_badlogins /var/log/radiusd/radiusd.log /home/radius/dialup_admin/conf/admin.conf
Could not open %{general_raddb_dir}/clients.conf file

Thank you for any help
Bests Tomasz

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