counter module usage question

tzieleniewski tzieleniewski at
Tue Feb 6 15:06:00 CET 2007


I am trying to utilize the counter module. 
I tried to do everything as it is written in the comments from the radiusd.conf file.
unfortunately I still have some problem to make it work and fully understand.
I ask for your assistance and small explanation.

As I understood the counter modules generally controls the login process of the users, where logging is equivalent of sending a request to the radius server. 
So whenever the request is received by radius the module investigates the content of the packet. It checks if there are parameters corresponding to the 'count-attribute' and 'key' parameters defined for that module. Then if they are present it creates a counter which is stored in the 'filename' file. Then it updates the value of the 'counter-name' parameter which will be passed further with the packet. So now if I want to control the process further I need to make the proper modification in the users file against the value of the parameter pointed by the check-name parameter from the counter module configuration, am I right? Is there a way to somehow set the default value for  'check-name' parameter  in the module configuration in the radiusd.conf?

Thank You for your time!!

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