Again: Major impact on authentication!

Peter Nixon listuser at
Tue Feb 6 15:19:37 CET 2007

On Tue 06 Feb 2007 15:27, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Guilherme Franco wrote:
> > Also, it's important to note that this server is the proxy radius and
> > those error messages appear:
> >
> > Error: Discarding duplicate request from client ERX-1:50000 - ID: 115
> > due to unfinished request 32
> >
> > Info: The maximum number of threads (32) are active, cannot spawn new
> > thread to handle request
> >
> > Error: WARNING: Unresponsive child (id 1315006816) for request 105

Do you by any chance have a "statefull" firewall between your radius server 
and database?

>   All of those messages are caused by the same problem: something is
> preventing the server from working.  Find out what it is, and fix the
> problem.
> > Error: Internal error processing module entry
>   It might have helped if you posted that message earlier.  Internal
> errors ALWAYS indicate something bad happening.
>   In this case, you're running 1.1.x, and somehow the data structures in
> the server have gotten corrupted.  That's a VERY likely reason why the
> server is broken.
>   As yo how to see what's going wrong, run the server under valgrind.

There _may_ be a problem with rlm_sqlippool in 1.1.4 (it is marked as an 
unstable module in 1.1.4)
If at all possible please consider updating to CVS head as there has been 
allot of work on sqlippool and the postgresql driver. In-fact the latest 
version of sqlippool _should_ work on Oracle (which I remember you wanted to 
do previously) although I have not tested this functionality. (rlm_sqlippool 
in 1.1.4 relies on a bug in rlm_sql_postgresql to work, hence the reason it 
doesn't work properly with other DBs)

Alternatively you could backport the cvs head version of sqlippool to 1.1.4 
which is something I have been considering for the 1.1.5 release but have 
yet to find the time to do (but would happily accept donations to do so :-)


Peter Nixon
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