Again: Major impact on authentication!

Guilherme Franco guilhermefranco at
Tue Feb 6 20:35:35 CET 2007

Mr. Peter,

On 2/6/07, Peter Nixon <listuser at> wrote:
> OK. Well we have added a few more things this week. The last commit was just
> over an hour ago for:

Yes, I've been watching the progress in "Automatic report from sources
(radiusd)" in the devel list, thanks.

> Can you please confirm whether on not Oracle supports the SQL99 syntax? If so
> I will change all the "BEGIN"s to "START TRANSACTION". If it does not I will
> do the opposite.

Oracle automatically treats every changing aspect of the tables as a
transaction so there's no "START TRANSACTION" command in it. Every
BEGIN needs to have a END; and a dot "." in after END;. Basically you
need the Transaction so you can do the FOR UPDATE command to lock that
framedipaddress temporally. In Oracle thou need no BEGIN, just do the
"select ... for update" and then the COMMIT; in the end.

> The patches I committed today and yesterday improved the exit codes which
> should make failover more flexible.

I don't know if the new CVS will suit for me because with the
PostgreSQL function that I've made there's no need to use 2 sqlippool
instances. Again, I don't have anything against the module fail-over,
I'm just using the function mainly because the native allocate-find
didn't fixed the users IP correctly for me (also one module is a bit

A quick valgrind run detected some errors in rlm_sql for the oracle
connection. Gonna do a massive debugging after midnight to see if
there's something weird going on.

Thank you and everyone for the prompt answers!

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