simple mac-auth

Mikko Husari husku at
Wed Feb 7 08:57:53 CET 2007


im currently running eap-tls with username and password (from ldap), but 
now we're having a bunch of "stupid" wlan-client machines, and we need 
an simple mac-auth (from ldap?) to the network. basic idea: (example 
from outside world) "so, no certificate and login credentials, cant let 
you in. but im on an vip-list!. Oh, i see, come on in, sorry for 
inconvenience", for now we are happy to get just that to work, next 
level would be something concerning vlans... i think (in the long run) 
we don't want to have too much accessibility in those stupid machines. 
poorly explained, not enough coffee in veins yet...

thanks in advance

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