PAP2EAP bridging

Dinko Korunic kreator at
Thu Feb 8 00:01:55 CET 2007

Hi. Due to the various reasons, we have to use PAP on our NASes. I would
like to setup a FreeRADIUS proxy server which will tunnel a regular PAP
requests from remote NASes into an EAP requests (TTLS) than can be proxied
to remote FreeRADIUS servers in a more secure manner.

At this moment we have a PAP to EAP bridge which utilises multithreaded
Java server based on TinyRadius server API which invokes eapol_test as a
client per every given request. This is quite ugly hack, unfortunately.

Judging from the rlm_eap and proxy code in FreeRADIUS, I would say there
is no way of doing it with current modules/code. I thought of hacking
rlm_eap and making it to copy PAP requests to TTLS ones which can be later
proxied. Is this the correct way?

Thank you in advance.

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