VLAN assigment and Alcatel Omniswitch 7800

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Thu Feb 8 01:54:20 CET 2007

Oxiel Contreras wrote:
 The authentication of WindowsXP Supplicants with EAP/PEAP is working great,
> now i need to assign VLANs to this setup, i've searched the list and google
> and found this setting for /etc/raddb/users:
> jose Auth-Type == EAP

  Don't set Auth-Type.  Ever.

>         Tunnel-Type += VLAN,
>         Tunnel-Medium-Type += IEEE-802,
>         Tunnel-Private-Group-Id += 3
> But the port is never assigned to VLAN 3 for the user "jose".

  Because that information isn't being sent back to the NAS.

> Is it possible to assign VLAN's with Alcatel ?

  I presume so.  See the Alacatel documentation.

> It seems to me, that the VLAN parameters are never returned to the
switch in
> the Access-Accept parth of this the result from radiusd -X.

  Yes.  The username in the request is "MYDOMAIN\\jose", not "jose".

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