VALGRIND: Major impact on authentication!

Guilherme Franco guilhermefranco at
Thu Feb 8 13:07:23 CET 2007


Thank you for the consulting offer Mr. Peter but, as you told, there
seems to be some bugs in the rlm_sql oracle driver.

As everything was good before and now it's breaking, the most probable
cause is the increase in the number of auth users, which brings lots
of acct (0 users in September 2006 and now with 4000 online users
pumping radacct). The oracle tables are well indexed so the response
time is low. What comes to my mind is that the driver is having
trouble to work with high acct throughput under peak time, starving
all the 32 threads.

I've considered radrelay/sqllog before, but wouldn't that break the
Simultaneous-Use functionality?

Thank you!

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