latest cvs - gdbm fatal: lseek error

tzieleniewski tzieleniewski at
Fri Feb 9 01:35:01 CET 2007


I compiled the latest cvs version of freeradius and installed it as always. 
When I tried to run it by radiusd -X to check if everything was ok I got the following error which probably considered counter module (is it error or I missed something?):

Module: Instantiated exec (exec)
Module: Loaded expr
Module: Instantiated expr (expr)
Module: Loaded counter
 counter: filename = "/home/radius/freeradius/raddb/db.daily"
 counter: key = "User-Name"
 counter: reset = "daily"
 counter: count-attribute = "Acct-Session-Time"
 counter: counter-name = "Daily-Session-Time"
 counter: check-name = "Max-Daily-Session"
 counter: reply-name = "Session-Timeout"
 counter: allowed-servicetype = "Framed-User"
 counter: cache-size = 5000
rlm_counter: Counter attribute Daily-Session-Time is number 1830
rlm_counter: Current Time: 1170980756 [2007-02-09 01:25:56], Next reset 1171062000 [2007-02-10 00:00:00]
gdbm fatal: lseek error

My radiusd.conf:
instantiate {

counter daily {
        filename = ${raddbdir}/db.daily
        key = User-Name
        count-attribute = Acct-Session-Time
        reset = daily
        counter-name = Daily-Session-Time
        check-name = Max-Daily-Session
        reply-name = Session-Timeout
        allowed-servicetype = Framed-User
        cache-size = 5000


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