VPN authentication from Windows Vista

Lai Fu Keung LFK at cc.hku.hk
Fri Feb 9 08:12:40 CET 2007


My users said the VPN login failed with their Windows Vista.

I enabled freeradius debug. I came across an authentication method,
md5chap in debug output that my freeradius is currently not configured
to support. If the user unselects "Require Data Encryption" in VPN. It
then works fine.

Can anyone confirm the following questions for me?

1. Is it that Vista uses md5chap for VPN authentication with "Data
2. Can freeradius be configured to support md5chap?

I don't get a lot of information about md5chap in google. I appreciate
any pointers on this subject and how freeradius can be made to support
it, as radiusd.conf seems no mentioning on this subject.



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