VLAN assigment and Alcatel Omniswitch 7800

Marcel.De_Boer at alcatel-lucent.be Marcel.De_Boer at alcatel-lucent.be
Fri Feb 9 20:51:08 CET 2007


>> Have you checked the documentation for the Omniswitch to verify that it
>> supports this?  If I send back the same attributes on my wireless access
>> points, it works perfectly (we do this in production).  The AP's, however,
>> support that.
> I'll check it again, it's became difficult to talk to tech support from 
> Alcatel, in the mean time they've told me that i'll need some sort of license 
> to support vlan assignment, i think they call it "Authenticated VLAN", even 
> more,

I suggest you look into chapter 22 of your 7700/7800/8800 Network 
Configuration Guide, where dot1x is explained. Somewhere in the first 
few pages of this chapter is an explanation of assigning users to VLANs 
based on RADIUS authentication. Authenticated VLAN appears to be 
something completely different (although it uses RADIUS and assigns 
VLANs to users, the methods are different, probably more like a captive 
portal). It looks like you'll need to provide the VLAN number in a VSA 
(see chapter 20).

> Well i'm dissappointed, maybe someone from Alcatel could give me a better 
> explanation.

Because I work at Alcatel-Lucent (as you can probably see from my e-mail 
address), a big fat disclaimer is in place: This mail does not represent 
Alcatel-Lucent in any way. Everything I have written in this mail is 
either my opinion or information I interpreted from publically available 
documents (I found the manuals through Google on a server that, judging 
from its name, is open for public access). I don't work in a department 
that has anything to do with Omniswitches and have not used them myself. 
Because of that, this information may be inaccurate or even plain wrong, 
Alcatel-Lucent is not responsible for the accuracy of this information. 
I'm just trying to be helpful here based on what I know.


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