Problems regarding MAC address authentication

Shobhit Jindal jindal.shobhit at
Mon Feb 12 05:41:01 CET 2007


am trying to implement a WPA2 authentication system where users will be
matched against the three criteria
- user name
- password
- MAC address

am using freeradius 1.0.1 with openldap 2.2.13 at its backend on CentOS 4.4

after extensively searching on google and freeradius-users mailing lists am
able to do username/password authentication successfully using PEAP but am
unable to get MAC authentication working and have run out of my wits

myself had followed the tutorial on
which worked great but am stuck on MAC address authentication.

its repeatedly mentioned on mailling lists that MAC authentication is
possible but i cant figure out how to do so

hoping for some help

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Shobhit Jindal
B.Tech. Part-III,
Department Of Electronics Engineering, ITBHU
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