rlm_postgresql , accounting and Framed-IP-Address

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Mon Feb 12 21:07:26 CET 2007

Francisco Gimeno wrote:
> The %{reply:Framed-IP-Address} or %{Framed-IP-Address} isn't xlated at 
> all... SQL module is executed after sqlippool, so, that variable should 
> be available.

Nop. Accounting replies contain NO attributes, therefore reply:Anything 
is invalid/empty.

For accounting queries to log the IP address, your NAS must send the 
Framed-IP-Address attribute in the accounting request. If it doesn't (as 
it must not be) you can't log it.

Consult the documentation for your NAS.

You've undoubtedly taken that reply:Framed-IP-Address from the 
"post-auth" query where it is valid.

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