wep encryption

Hillary Marek hmarek at hazen.com
Tue Feb 13 14:24:41 CET 2007

Hello.  I have a FreeRadius 1.1.4 server setup on Fedora Core 6. Right
Now I have it set up to filter Mac addresses and to authenticate against
Active Directory. I am looking to add encryption, but unfortunately many
of my wireless devices are older 802.11b devices that can't handle wpa.
I am also restricted in how much I am allowed to put the end user
through. Is there a way to cenralize a wep key in the server, as I have
26 access points that I would hope not to have to go into individually
to add encryption (I already need to set up 70+ devices). Because I
can't put any truly strong protection on the network, and I can't take
the wlan off of the main network, I am trying to add as many layers of
lesser protection as I can. Does anyone have any other ideas for me?
Hillary Marek
Hazen Paper Co.
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