Simple question about TTYs.. limits?

Max Jonborn Max.Jonborn at
Wed Feb 14 10:35:48 CET 2007


Ive installed Freeradius, its working great. I use it to verify users,
im running a PPTPD server. I have a question though.

When i do "radwho" it lists current users. The output is the following:
userlogin	username	PPP	S122 Tue 21:27

The question i have is, what does the S122 mean? I've never seen it go
above S128, does this mean that the radius cant handle more then 128
current users? If so, how do i raise the limit? Or if the limit is not
in the radius software, could it be a limit that is related to the OS
(debian 2.4.27) or the PPTPD?

Any help is very welcome! Thanks a bunch! :)


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