[unclas] Configure FreeRadius to generate new accounting file by hour

Ranner, Frank MR Frank.Ranner at defence.gov.au
Fri Feb 16 06:14:35 CET 2007

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> Hi all.
> Just want to pose this qn to the community:
> Is it possible to configure FreeRadius, so that instead of 
> generate a new accouting file per-day, can it be per-hour (or 
> better: per-n minutes)?
> Thanks
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>From radiusd.conf:

                #  The following line creates a new detail file for
                #  every radius client (by IP address or hostname).
                #  In addition, a new detail file is created every
                #  day, so that the detail file doesn't have to go
                #  through a 'log rotation'
                #  If your detail files are large, you may also want
                #  to add a ':%H' (see doc/variables.txt) to the end
                #  of it, to create a new detail file every hour, e.g.:
                #   ..../detail-%Y%m%d:%H
                #  This will create a new detail file for every hour.
                detailfile =

Of course, if you are using freeradius on a Windows server, don't use
the ':' 
character as it is one of the forbidden filename character if I remember

Frank Ranner

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