FreeRADIUS + LVS problem

Sam Schultz segfault90 at
Fri Feb 16 19:26:53 CET 2007

According to my research, FreeRADIUS supposedly does work from 
behind an LVS load balancer.  My current configuration works 
perfectly outside of the LVS, but once it is put behind the LVS it 
ceases to work.  Connections seem to succeed even behind the LVS, 
until they get to an access challenge, where I get:

rad_recv: Access-Challenge packet from host, 
id=42, length=64 Authentication reply packet code 11 sent to a non-
proxy reply port from client WPA_Test:5058 - ID 42 : IGNORED

>From what little information I could find on this, it looks like 
the freeradius thinks these are proxied requests due to ip mangling 
done by the LVS load balancer (Basically, it's a 1:1 NAT).

Has anyone come across anything like this? Any pointers for work-
arounds would definitely be appreciated.

P.S. Alan, I would definitely think this (LVS + FreeRADIUS) would 
be a             good topic for your book

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