FreeRADIUS + LVS problem

Sam Schultz segfault90 at
Fri Feb 16 22:29:24 CET 2007

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to use direct routing on this 
network. I was thinking there may be some way to coerce FR into 
thinking the load balancer is another radius server sending over 
proxied requests, or something like that.

>Sam Schultz wrote:
>> From what little information I could find on this, it looks like 
>> freeradius thinks these are proxied requests due to ip mangling 
>> by the LVS load balancer (Basically, it's a 1:1 NAT).
>> Has anyone come across anything like this? Any pointers for work-
>> arounds would definitely be appreciated.
>I'd suggest to use LVS in a "direct routing" setup.
>Nicolas Baradakis
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