Freeradius+Mysql - radreply

"Fabrício F. Kammer" ffkammer at
Sat Feb 17 11:43:48 CET 2007

Hi all,

I've a Freeradius working fine with mysql. I put my users on table 
usergroup and I put the attributes to verification of the authentication 
on the table radgroupcheck. (Because I'm making the MAC authentication 
and the password is the same for all clients).

Now I need that the Freeradius send an attribute for the clients, but 
this attribute is different for each client, than I need to use the 
radreply and not the radgroupreply to send the attribute.

My doubt is: Is it possible to Freeradius send an answer of the radreply 
without I use the table radcheck?

This is very important for me and I need of a solution. If this is 
impossible I'll to change the authentication for of my clients.

Can anyone help me with this???

Thanks in advance,


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