Number of requests from given client

Pshem Kowalczyk pshem.k at
Mon Feb 19 22:36:17 CET 2007


We run a farm of radius proxies for many different customers
(wholesale of services), our devices send requests to the proxies,
which in turn send them to the proper backend systems.  Number of
requests doesn't usually exceed 40-60 a sec, however if one of the
client devices gets restarted (or simply crashes) the limit of
requests (8192)  gets depleted very quickly and proxies start dropping
requests from all of the clients, sometimes the backend system of
given customer gets overwhelmed which causes additional problems.
Is there a way of setting the number of requests on per-client basis,
so a single device can't use up whole pool? Of course I can increase
the total number of request even further but that only postpones the

kind regards

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