was Re: attr_rewrite - now RFC2867

Ben Butler freeradius at dfa.me.uk
Tue Feb 20 00:28:38 CET 2007

Hi Kevin,

That has worked a treat.  It works in attr_rewrite as well, but I ended up 
going with your hints file method as I also need to rewrite the password 
attribute as well and could not see how this could be conditionally done 
with the att_rewrite based on the value of the username attibute.  Many 
thanks!  Help website on regular expressions have been driving me around the 
twist all afternoon.

Now, my next little querry is since turning on RFC2867 Accounting in my 
Cisco LTS & LNS boxes to get extended tunnel accounting info.

I am getting the folllowing in my log files (plus other codes):

Unsupported Acct-Status-Type = 12

Despite these existing in my dictionary file:

Unsupported Acct-Status-Type = 12

ATTRIBUTE       Acct-Status-Type        40      integer
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Tunnel-Start            9
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Tunnel-Stop             10
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Tunnel-Reject           11
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Tunnel-Link-Start       12
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Tunnel-Link-Stop        13
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Tunnel-Link-Reject      14
VALUE           Acct-Status-Type        Failed                  15

I have been looking at this and cant for the life of me see why it thinks 
its unsupported when it is in the file and the dictionary file is definetly 
being parsed.

Anyone got any ideas, TIA.

Kind Regards


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