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Ben Butler freeradius at dfa.me.uk
Tue Feb 20 14:54:05 CET 2007

Hi Alan,

Hard as in nice text file I can edit replicating examples of what already is 

Or Hard Hard as in C and compilers and what not.

What would I have to edit to alter the way the SQL module functions.

Kind Regards

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Ben Butler wrote:
> I am getting the folllowing in my log files (plus other codes):
> Unsupported Acct-Status-Type = 12

  That's likely from the SQL module.  It helps to show *all* of the
message, rather than editing it.

> Despite these existing in my dictionary file:

  The dictionaries define the types.  They don't say what the server
does when it receives one of those packets.

  The SQL module currently is hard-coded to support only a few
Acct-Status-Types.  Adding more isn't hard, but requires code.

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