Freeradius + TLS + WPA problem

Agent Smith news8080 at
Wed Feb 21 15:33:03 CET 2007

I got this working - Thanks for all the useful posts
in this forum.

now the problem is that when a user logs off of the
windows machine, we still want to be able to manage
the system so we need to put a certificate on the
machine store (not just the user store, personally I
don't like how windows does this, it should give you a
choice of what cert to use but anyways..)

When the system attempts authenticating with machine
cert, the username it presents the radius is
host/user at domain.dom and I need radius to strip out
the "host/" in all requests if it sees one. How do I
do that.

I know how to do this with hints file but I can only
add stuff onto the username how do I trip??


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