Proxy question

Jory Privett jory at
Fri Feb 23 00:09:52 CET 2007

I have a new FreeRadius server that I set up and everything is working 
great,  well all most.  What I want to do is have it check a local file  and 
if the user is not there then to proxy the request to another server.  I can 
make it check the local file or proxy the request successfully,  I can't 
seem to get it to do both.  I can control which way it works by defining the 
NULL section of  proxy.conf to either LOCAL or the address of the other 
server.  All of my users send there username in the NULL format.  How do I 
tell FreeRADIUS to check one then if the user is not found to check the 
other?  I have read the configurable failover section  and see how it is 
supposed to be accomplished but can not seem to figure out exactly which 
part to modify.  Any help will greatly appreciated.

Jory Privett

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