Wait period between sessions

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On Fri 23 Feb 2007 10:53, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Cory Robson wrote:
> > I have a user group that is only allowed 3hr session times (easily
> > resolved with sql counter module) with a 15 minute wait period between
> > sessions.
> >
> > Has anyone written a module or know of a way to implement this wait
> > period.
>   A shell script would work.
> > I was thinking something similar to a module based around the sql max
> > session module only query the sql backend for the last time connected
> > and if the period is less than set variable (15 mins in my case) then
> > reject access with an error message like "Wait Period Enforced"
>   Or, update the SQL query for Acct-Status-Type == Stop.  Have it insert
> another field, saying when the user can next login.  On login, check
> that field.
>   I think you can do this without writing a module.

Definitely yes. The question is what happens if the user manually
prior to his session timeout then tries to reconnect....

In my needs he will still be subject to a wait period.

Peter Nixon
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