Add+cnadge attributes to proxy-reply with condition

Victor kha0s at
Wed Feb 28 09:17:19 CET 2007


I need to modify proxy-reply auth packet with condition. All i need - if proxy user enter UserName like
'username#554466' send UserName like 'username' to proxy (its already
work) and check proxy-reply - if it consist av-pair
Ascend-CBCP-Mode=CBCP-Any-Or-No changer this pair value to CBCP-Profile-Callback
and add new attribute - Ascend-Dial-Number with value after # in
original UserName and send modified packet to NAS.

Now it work unconditional and stupid Lucent MAX trying dial-out to
users who dont have permition for it. My current settings:


DEFAULT User-Name =~ "^([a-z0-9_\-]+)#([0-9]+)$"
        User-Name := "%{1}"


post_proxy_authorize = yes


DEFAULT Stripped-User-Name =~ "#([0-9]+)$"
        Ascend-Dial-Number = "%{1}",                     
        Ascend-CBCP-Mode := CBCP-Profile-Callback

I need something like in users:

DEFAULT Stripped-User-Name =~ "#([0-9]+)$", %{proxy-reply:Ascend-CBCP-Mode} == CBCP-Any-Or-No
        Ascend-Dial-Number = "%{1}",
        Ascend-CBCP-Mode := CBCP-Profile-Callback


Best regards,
 Victor                          mailto:kha0s at

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