Logging based on port request came in on

Walt Reynolds waltr at umich.edu
Wed Feb 28 19:00:32 CET 2007


I have freeradius 1.1.2 set up to listen on both ports 1812/1813 and 
1645/1646.  This is simply to separate user and admin login.  What I 
would like to do is to add logging based on the port.  I could add  
%{NAS-Port-Type} to the Detail such as:

detailfile = ${radacctdir}/%{NAS-Port-Type}/auth-detail-%Y%m%d

The problem with doing this as it uses the string "Wireless-802.11" or 
"Virtual".  I would instead like to use the port the request came in on 
(1812 or 1645) or even modify that string value.  I tried to add the 
string %(request:Packet-Dst-Port) (from the 
dictionary.freeradius.internal) in the detailfile, but comes back blank.

Am I misreading this in some way.  I assume that internally freeradius 
knows what port the request came in on.



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