How to restrict users /PAM to specific NAS devices??

Ellis, Scott 1 (N-Comptel Inc.) scott.1.ellis at
Tue Jan 2 00:12:10 CET 2007

I am using PAM for Auth-Type. 
I want to be able to either 1) restrict the devices the user has access
to (admins,operators, etc) by username and/or 2) preferably carve into
groups my network gear/NAS devices and then assign users to groups.
Simply put, I would like to know what I have to do for user1 and user2
that auth via PAM to limit the NAS/Network gear they are allowed to
access/authenticate against....I am looking for one straight for
example. I would like user1 to be able to access device and
user2 to be able to access and and

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